1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hello...I mistakenly bought a Sprint Blackberry 9670 when what I needed is a Boost Mobile Blackberry 9670. Not having much luck finding one. Any suggestions other than just keep Googling? Thanks.
    08-16-16 01:41 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    After six years..... not surprising they are hard to find today.

    Back in the day, Boost did use Sprint for most of their coverage in our area. I know a few that were able to use a Spring phone.

    But I taught that Boost had done away with BlackBerry plans. Do you currently have one, and are looking for a replacement device?
    08-16-16 01:55 PM
  3. Elfchild's Avatar
    I know it's an older phone but it's the only one I want.
    I've used my LG Lotus which is a Sprint phone on Boost for several years now.
    I know that some Blackberry phones work on Boost. When I called the rep & gave him MEID # on this Sprint Blackberry 9670 I have he put me on hold, came back & said we could program phone to work on Boost. Put me on hold again, came back & said sorry we can't.
    08-17-16 11:16 PM
  4. KeebordKrazy's Avatar
    Hey CQ: I called boost the other day hoping to talk them into re-activating mine somehow just for talk and text and using Opera, and it turns out they still have two bis plans for $35 and $45!!!! Early next month when I sign on with them I'll be one of the happier folks on this sphere of dirt we call home.

    Mind you, my last gasp with it a few years ago was due to boost never offering any os updates, and perhaps BB not supporting as much. I'm not sophisticated enough to know if there's a way to wrangle the firmware on there with something newer, but unless someone on here jumps in with a link or two I'll nose around a bit myself.

    I'll use mine as a second phone or when I don't want to carry a slab or need that much net. But oooohhhh man! I cannot wait to hang up by slapping it closed again. Them were the days all righty.

    Maybe you've already seen it, but there's a black one on eBay right now for $99, and no one has topped the seller's minimum bid of seventy-six bucks, so grab it before I do.😉
    09-07-16 05:11 AM
  5. Elfchild's Avatar
    Did all suggested including factory reset. Everything else is working fine except the incoming calls thing. I don't get missed call alerts & phone does not ring on my end. When I call my Blackberry from another phone I hear 2 rings then please leave a voicemail. Call forward is off.

    I still search every now & again for another Blackberry 9670. Even though the one I have isn't behaving right, I LOVE this phone. There are some supposedly new on Amazon for $253 I think. That's way out of my budget. Search results show several places that have the Boost 9670 but don't show "out of stock" til you get to checkout. That makes no sense to me.
    02-25-17 08:45 PM

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