1. anon(3066922)'s Avatar
    Hey all. I think BlackBerry can put this in a much better spot. I can't find the email,text,bbm etc notification volume sounds etc.

    Please help.

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 06:58 PM
  2. anon(3066922)'s Avatar
    Sorry... I am obviously running the latest leak :P

    Posted via CB10
    04-24-15 07:01 PM
  3. velkod's Avatar
    Click on notifications and then click a profile and then hit customize. It's hard to notice at first. I couldn't find it either. See the little tab arrow on right side?
    Where to change sound, vibrate etc for notification-img_20150424_200519.png
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    04-24-15 07:06 PM
  4. anon(3066922)'s Avatar
    Look at Blackberry being all sneaky!

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    04-25-15 08:21 PM
  5. velkod's Avatar
    Haha ya it's a kind of weird selection
    04-26-15 12:15 AM

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