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    Hi there,

    I recently purchased my KeyOne in Hong Kong (long story), and thought of bringing it back as my new daily phone. But after a few days of using the phone, the screen started showing shadows and bars. So I took the phone back to BlackBerry's representative in Hong Kong, and they promised to take it in and fix it for free(since under warranty).

    But it's been after three weeks, and still no response. The CS said they are waiting on the parts to arrive, then they can start repairing my screen. But it's been three weeks.

    I am leaving Hong Kong soon, and I'm thinking of taking my KeyOne back with me to LA. I am wondering where should I send my phone to for repairing to fix the screen?? If anyone knows about where in LA, please point your way! Thank you for your patience!! Need to hear back!!
    07-19-17 01:01 AM
  2. Heavens1's Avatar
    Hi, sorry to hear about your KEYone screen issues, and whilst I can't help you with specifics re where to get it sorted I can point you in the direction of a thread where others will likely advise how to proceed in LA.

    It's this thread, and also please post re your screen details:

    There's over 100 reported cases of KEYone screens off in that thread.
    07-19-17 07:38 AM

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