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    I mean, if I wanna suggest some missed things in BlackBerry os.. who can take it and lead it to BlackBerry dev team??

    + add physical button call options "answer&end" 1st and the most important feature for me and many more..

    + add notes sync over email, my apple iphone is syncing the notes to my gmail account or I can make it to the icloud acc.. but here in BlackBerry I feel like I have to make. a backup of my phone every moment..

    + about the issue that I will talk about now.. im wondering if u can find a solution for the backup.. ex when I backup my device, I got to do the following :
    return my home and lock screen background .
    re-authinticate my mail boxes .
    app data isnt saved after the backup restored.

    + I wish if it possible to make an option, an old thing I loved in BlackBerry phones, that when I plug my phone into charger , id like to see the watch automatically..

    + in security field, I wish if there's an immediate screen passcode lock, rather than holding the power button and lock the phone.

    + sure I wish that the low notification could be fixed im Q10.. im glad to find it gone on my passport

    + I guess if you let the dev's develop an app for that issues or just make it..

    + I wish if I can lock my phone's screen by doble tapping on an emty area of the screen, which I used to make it on my iphone after jailbreaking it sure, and that looks like the LG phones which has this feature basically..

    + also an old feature which is set initial call audio volume, I used to make it 50% in my old os7 BlackBerry's.

    things and ideas never ends..
    if it possible to contact me :
    whatsapp : ***edited by mod***
    bbm : 2AD00433 or. 2be00dc6
    twiteer and instagram : bel_kh

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    06-28-15 10:33 PM
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    06-28-15 10:53 PM

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