1. Fahd Fayyaz's Avatar
    Does any one can tell. Me from where to buy BlackBerry phones here in Lahore without the risk of getting any counterfeit accessory? Or which online webstores are reliable in Pakistan to buy these phones?

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    09-02-15 04:11 AM
  2. Umaima_B_Dia's Avatar
    My advice would be to ask a friend/family member to bring it from UAE/Canada/US. The availability of BlackBerry devices in Pakistan has deteriorated over the past few years. The devices available are refurbished/without warranty and cost way more than the international price bracket.

    If a friend is bringing from outside Pakistan, ask them to keep the phone in their pocket. Packed phones need to be approved from PTA, etc., the ones in pocket are considered in-use. Not sure how that makes sense, but that's the law. Alternatively, you could rent a local US PO Box and get it shipped here but that may cost you 15k more + you will have to get it cleared from customs after getting your phone approved from PTA.

    If you know someone in Karachi, they could visit the third-party supposed 'BlackBerry' outlet in 'The Forum' but honestly, they're stewpid and I don't like them.

    All the best for your device search.

    Edit: If you intend to purchase it from homeshopping.pk (the only local online retailer that I remotely trust), then I would advice you to be wary of them as well. They not only open the boxes in the pre-text of checking devices but have an array of brand new, South Asian variants at the price of International variants, first copies and what-nots.
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    09-02-15 02:08 PM
  3. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    I think HAll Road is the best option!
    Are you sure 3.5 years later that OP wants old BB phones? Times have changed and BB licensed phones have distribution channels that are now vastly different.
    03-16-19 10:06 AM

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