1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    If my phone is on, it charges just fine connected to the wall charger.

    But whenever my battery drains and the phone switches off, the phone won't charge or switch back on if I plug it into a wall charger.

    The phone does charge and switch back on if I connect it to a PC/laptop via USB.
    >> The moment it switches back on then I connect it back to the wall charger, and then it charges just fine.

    Anyone know why and how this can be fixed?

    I have bought a new battery hoping that would solve matters, it didn't.
    06-18-15 06:31 AM
  2. spantch101's Avatar
    I had this problem before.. sometimes it's software related and doesn't allow slow charge from 0% try using a higher voltage charging brick. I use a 2.4 amp smart charger and it works. No need to plug it into a computer. My bold 9900 was notorious for this and in my ram it has two USB ports one is a 1amp charger and the other is a data link to my uconnect 8.4an system the regular port could not charge from dead.. while my data link would always charge it
    06-18-15 08:43 AM
  3. Avishkar Panday's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply.

    It is bizarre.

    So just so I understand you correctly, if I plug my wall charger (brick as you call it?) into a higher voltage socket, then it should charge just fine from 0%?
    06-18-15 08:48 AM
  4. ALToronto's Avatar
    This is why you shouldn't let your battery drain below 10%, and some sources say 20. It's not good for the battery. There is a series of button presses you can go through to reactivate a dead battery that is plugged into a wall charger. Perhaps connecting to a PC replaces those button presses, but it's still a bad idea to push your luck. Plug it in earlier.

    Posted via CB10 from my awesome Passport
    06-18-15 11:38 AM
  5. joeragan's Avatar
    What devices and OS version?

    I remember a few months back my Z30 can not be charged if it is off. I think it was OS 10.3.0. The latest 10.3.1 OS and later allows it.

    06-18-15 03:48 PM
  6. Avishkar Panday's Avatar
    Z10, os
    06-23-15 07:21 AM
  7. Avishkar Panday's Avatar
    Do you know the combination of button presses? Z10 by the way
    06-23-15 07:21 AM
  8. ALToronto's Avatar
    Do you know the combination of button presses? Z10 by the way
    No, I had BlackBerry tech support walk me through it with my PlayBook when I bricked it by letting the battery completely discharge. It involves pressing the power button and the volume buttons, and it's probably different for every battery. If you're not in North America, I sympathise with your situation. You may have some success getting your carrier to connect you to BlackBerry. But if it's a Z10, I would just get a new battery and treat it better from now on.

    Posted via CB10 from my awesome Passport
    06-23-15 08:26 AM
  9. scrannel's Avatar
    The original BBerry "brick" gave out 750mA. They changed a while back to 850mA.
    06-23-15 09:54 AM

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