1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    Hi, i try to copy my Music and my pictures to my brand new Passport. But any way i choose: Always the System copy's only one single file, after this there is no process anyway. Sometimes there is the next file after 3 Minutes, sometimes there is no more file copied.
    Source: Windows 8.1, all Updates, Source is from Network 7 Gb of Music
    Destination: 128Gb SD-Card in Passport
    Blackberry as USB-Device, Link (shows SD-card as Network connection), Blend (allows no Directorys to copy, can copy more than one file but only direct in Subppath) Connected over Wifi, connected as USB (also aces to the SD-Card over Wifi-Network and over USB directly).
    Also tried a Windows 7 (all Updates) Laptop with Wifi-Access: same result. Copy one file, after this freeze.
    The Window system seems to still react because the progress window shows "18 Hours" or "More than 1 Day" for estimated transfer time :-(
    Also tried to copy via robocopy: exact the same result.

    Any idea how to sync a tree of folders with more than one file?

    ps: i tried also some reboots of computers and passport: no difference, only one file.
    11-10-14 01:48 AM
  2. marcdevinci's Avatar
    I exactly get the same issue!
    My device: BlackBerry Passport (OS with 64GB microSD (Sony, SR-64UY, Class 10 40MB/s)
    My computer: Windows 7.1

    I suspected my SD card but if I'm not the only guy experimenting that issue...
    12-29-14 08:05 AM
  3. Rakesh Sarkar's Avatar
    After upgrading my OS to 10.3.1, I am facing this dreaded issue. Takes ages to copy files
    02-22-15 08:02 AM
  4. Maxxberry's Avatar
    ME TOO!!!!!!! (Sorry for the shouting.....just trying to get Blackberry to hear me. )
    Only....it's happening to my Z30 and Z10 as well. This started after BBBlend and Link were updated about 6 months ago.

    Blackberry, please fix.
    06-24-15 05:54 PM

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