1. faugusto1983's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    As everyone knows whatsapp will only be supporting their bb app until the end of the year, im currently waiting on a replacement for my passport from the retailer as it has an audio issue and im thinking should i take that replacement or just make the retailers life easier and trade it for an android device. The ability to keep using whatssapp will be important in my decision.

    So, when support is discontinued will the app still be functional or no? I assume no.

    And if we install the google playstore apk is there any way of integrating it in the hub?

    Also for how long can we use the apk without an android runtime update for bb10?

    I couldnt find clear answers for these questions so i thought this is the place to ask, thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Posted via CB10
    03-18-16 03:16 AM
  2. xtremez's Avatar
    I think Whatsapp ending support means they won't continue to push new features and updates to the app. But as long if you have it on your device, you should be still able to use it.

    I think for some apps they will appear under notification but not as currently how the hub is where you have Whatsapp listed as an account on its own.
    03-18-16 05:55 AM
  3. oldsoul123's Avatar
    If you want to get updates to WhatsApp, the dev is still supporting it in beta zone. I got a minor update today.

    Posted via CB10
    03-20-16 09:58 AM

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