1. Lee9810's Avatar
    Whatsapp on my Z10 stl100-1 takes forever to load when opened and messages are delayed for days. I've tried deleting the app and battery pulls then reinstalling and I still have the same issue. I currently have the latest version from the beta zone and the issue still exists. PLEASE HELP!

    Posted via Z10 STL100-3 OS
    09-10-15 07:19 AM
  2. Fool Guy's Avatar
    Try latest OS update,
    You can also try device wipe with necessary backup precautions.
    09-10-15 07:29 AM
  3. AkashRuhela's Avatar
    Having same issue on latest OS and it's been happening for some time now!! Please help!

    Posted via CB10
    09-10-15 08:08 AM

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