1. junpebe's Avatar
    I read all the instructions in the Internet, everywhere you'll find something different...
    And as I'm not the technic specialist, could someone give me a good and detailled instruction, how I could transfer the whatsapp chats (incl. everyhing) from my old Q10 to my new Keyone?

    I have done all the content transfer with the BB app, but whatsapp chats are not supported there...

    My goal would be to log-in into whatsapp on my new Keyone and all the 'history' should be there again...

    Support is really really appreciated! Thanks ;-)
    07-17-17 07:49 AM
  2. OldBBlover's Avatar
    Sorry, but unfortunately you can't do that, usually you will do this in whatsapp itself, but they don't support the option to copy your chats from BlackBerry 10 to android.
    07-17-17 10:18 AM

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