1. Roystein7's Avatar
    Will Whatsapp support blackberry os7.1 running devices after 30th of june 2017?
    06-26-17 07:10 AM
  2. bhoqeem's Avatar
    Yes. To the end of 2017.
    06-26-17 07:33 AM
  3. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    Yes. To the end of 2017.
    I saw their announcement too but understood to be for BB10.

    Edit, never mind, I reread their site and BBOS included as well but states that some feature may break down. No further development or repair of features. As-is until end of 2017...
    06-26-17 07:50 AM
  4. Roystein7's Avatar
    so only for BBOS10?
    06-28-17 08:17 AM
  5. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    so only for BBOS10?
    No. BBOS also.
    06-28-17 08:41 AM

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