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    I'm looking for a new laptop for work, what's the most secure or "better" one to get. I'll mostly be using it for Skype, email and browsing. Any ideas? saw this nice HP one running chrome OS. Opinions?
    What's the best laptop?-img_20140601_154402.jpg
    What's the best laptop?-img_20140601_154409.jpg
    06-16-14 08:54 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    That is a little high for a chromebook honestly. You can grab a chromebook for 150-175 at bestbuy i think.
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    06-16-14 08:57 PM
  3. coldRooster's Avatar
    Chromebook would be fine for you. Best Buy does have them around 200.

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    06-16-14 09:22 PM
  4. anon(8181885)'s Avatar
    Personally I would say the surface pro. It's awesome and there going for about 300. Tablet and full computer can't go wrong. The only downside is batterylife is not so great.

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    06-16-14 09:45 PM
  5. JJStripes's Avatar
    I'm not sure a chromebook is actually classified as a laptop, but either way, they are a cheap alternative. If you are planning to make this a work device I think you would be better off getting a Windows laptop. I am very happy with my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga. As a BlackBerry person I'm sure you appreciate a quality keyboard, and that's what you can count on when you get a Thinkpad.

    edit: If you aren't familiar with the Yoga line from Lenovo I'd suggest pulling up some videos. These are the best type of convertible IMO, and the Thinkpad version is very high quality.
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    06-16-14 09:48 PM
  6. howarmat's Avatar
    Personally I would say the surface pro. It's awesome and there going for about 300. Tablet and full computer can't go wrong. The only downside is batterylife is not so great.

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    you mean RT, not the pro version?
    06-16-14 09:54 PM
  7. harryhayde's Avatar
    Chrome os is very limited

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    06-16-14 10:04 PM
  8. Bla1ze's Avatar
    No Skype on a Chromebook, if that's one of your concerns. You're stuck with Hangouts unless you want to go the hacky route and force it on there.


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    06-16-14 10:32 PM
  9. velkod's Avatar
    Appreciate all the feedback guys. Is the chromebook cloud based memory? Does that mean nothing saves to computer? Wow that much cheaper at best buy huh. This was at Costco so I just assumed it was a good deal. Thanks guys. No Skype is a strange thing to not let happen :s
    06-17-14 02:10 AM
  10. myckle's Avatar
    Macbook Air

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    06-17-14 02:39 AM
  11. rthonpm's Avatar
    The Chromebook is really just a glorified web browser. Outside of web browsing, email, and Google services (it's another way to try and lock you into their services) there's not a whole lot to one.

    Lenovo makes a good laptop, as does Dell for their business line (their consumer grade lines are pretty much flimsy plastic). The ThinkPad line from Lenovo is pretty robust, and they're made to take a little abuse as well.

    Macs are pretty, but unless you're into OS X and having to buy proprietary adapters for almost everything, and don't mind losing potential applications you may use in the Windows world then go ahead. They're just so overpriced for the hardware in them, and they're really just a glue stick inside: whatever components you have in them you're stuck with so there's no upgrading down the line when larger RAM or drives become cheaper.

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    06-17-14 05:17 AM

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