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    I did a WIFI update and would like to know if it is the highest version right now.
    Tried to update again but instead of using the phone I used my laptop and the desktop blackberry app does not see it however my computer does.
    I tapped the update section in the phone and it came back very fast as no other updates are available almost as though it no longer works.
    I have what seems to be an authentic AT&T phone it has the logo and was new according to the guy who sold it on eBay but sold with a T-Mobile door on it.
    The last version I updated to by WIFI is version 2019.
    Also can AT&T push a later or correct version to my phone manually?

    Thanks guys and so glad to be back after my long nightmare with my too tiny iPhone 5c!

    Posted via CB10
    10-14-14 01:32 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    According to AT&T, their latest OS is (software release Released August 27th.

    AT&T can push a newer version to your phone if there is a newer version for them to push. If, for example, you were running a 10.2.2 build (just an example,) then AT&T wouldn't have anything to push to you, because what's on your phone is newer.
    10-14-14 01:41 PM

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