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    I have been torn between BB Motion, BB Key2, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ or the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. I am on the verge of ordering the BB Motion, apparently a decent business/practical oriented phone with great battery life, water protection and the many BB enhancements, all at a reasonable roughly $400. Given its metal sides, soft, textured back, tougher than normal screen, a number of reviewers have said not to bother with a case, but I do think I want to get a thin screen protector of some kind, for a little added strength and resistance to scratches and fingerprints. It is difficult to know which to get. Can anyone here help?

    Should I get a glass protector, or maybe one of those thin film protectors that I believe go on wet and stretch out nicely? And which, does anyone have a specific brand and model to recommend? Thank you.
    07-13-18 11:28 AM
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    Lots of options in this thread from people who have already been using various ones - https://forums.crackberry.com/blackb...otion-1129273/
    07-13-18 06:03 PM

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