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    Hello, visitors and members!

    When the Ask A Question forum was created, it was designed as a forum for visitors who are not regular participants in our forum who need help without registering to be a regular member.

    With that being said, registered members should post their threads in the regular subforums that you have access to. This will cut down on clutter in the Ask A Question forum and help get answers for non-members.

    The Ask A Question forum shouldn't be used as an alternative to searching the forum for answers.
    03-29-15 03:59 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Of course we ALWAYS want our members to try to help answer the questions here. While our Mods and Ambassadors do our best to answer what we can. We rely on you guys to answer most of these questions. After all that is one of the main missions of CrackBerry's forums to provide a place were members can help each other solve problems with their devices!
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    05-21-15 01:24 PM

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