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    Now that Blackberry no longer sells phones directly and you have to go through re-sellers-what is the warranty experience like when something goes wrong with the phone? I recently had a PRIV that needed warranty work done and they sent me a brand new one while they evaluated my broken one. Once they determined, the phone was defective I kept the new one. Great experience!
    Going through Rogers, Bell etc. you're usually required to wait about 6-8 weeks and pay a deposit for a loaner phone (non-Blackberry phone like a Sony Xperia). Anyone have any insight if you buy from Amazon etc.
    02-07-18 09:51 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    See lots of folks with claims where the device is no longer available, they'll send you what they deem is an equal.

    With Amazon you have to be careful of who you are buying from... Sold and Shipped by Amazon isn't the same a Sold by Pete's Discount Electronics. For the most part, BlackBerry BlackBerry phones are no longer sold via authorized re-sellers, so there is no longer factory warranties in affect. Doubt your going to bother paying a $100 of secondary insurance if the phone is only $200 - $250 (US)
    02-07-18 02:28 PM

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