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    I am really missing the "preview mode" while using googles picture search on my blackberry Q10 with the native browser normally showing a thumbnail of the original picture where you could decide whether to open up the original picture in its original size or to open up the related website. If I click on a picture in googles picture search now, I directly get to the website. Thats annoying because the website has to load first and I have to scroll and search for the picture then. Is it possible to restore the "preview mode"? Even though I didn't change any settings (knowingly) - it was just gone..

    Thanks a lot for helping me!
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    12-12-14 04:43 AM
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    No one seems to be worried about that but I noticed it too and it is really annoying. You should probably post this in the OS10 section, since it affects all devices.

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    12-20-14 05:15 AM
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    12-20-14 08:13 AM
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    Very annoying
    Been noticing it for a quite a while already

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    12-20-14 09:01 AM

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