1. garns29's Avatar
    Hi everyone

    i'm after a file cleaner app for OS10 (like CCleaner por PC)

    thank's for helping
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    10-26-14 04:20 AM
  2. Lawrie Sherratt's Avatar
    I use crap cleaner and clean master om my 10.3 os on my z30. Both are available free in Amazon and snap catalogues.
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    10-26-14 06:05 AM
  3. garns29's Avatar
    thanks a lot lawrie,
    i was wondering if a native app for OS 10 does exist (i just bought a Q10 so not used to yet), can' t find one on BB world, i'll try yours

    10-26-14 06:29 AM
  4. to boldly go's Avatar
    I find this topic confusing, how can blackberry need this stuff? Can someone who knows explain? If the app comes from android and there isn't a native app from blackberry, then I think this can't be correct. You should be able to delete files without searching for any crap they left behind.
    10-26-14 01:43 PM
  5. garns29's Avatar
    androids app let crap behind, native BB not.
    10-27-14 01:29 AM
  6. John Vieira's Avatar
    Use an android app to clean up the android apps.

    Native apps don't have access to each other's cache so that can't work on a Blackberry.

    Via passport
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    10-27-14 02:53 AM
  7. ymb's Avatar
    androids app let crap behind, native BB not.
    Native apps also leave cache but it can only be cleaned by the app itself no apps have access to other apps cache but most cache comes from android apps and those you could clean with apps I use clean master

    10-27-14 08:10 AM

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