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    What will happen if I insert my currently active Verizon sim into my STA100-5?

    Tryiing to figure out solutuon to my shattered Z30 screen ( whether to put in claim on insurance and risk getting a refurb or worse a different phone as replacement ) In the interim, until I figure out what to do, can I put my currently active Verizon sim card into my other
    (perfectly operating STA100-5 ,(which I had previously used on TMO)
    I want to put the currently active Verizon sim into my STA100-5 (which is in perfect condItion), but I worry about functionality/ compatibility,---can anyone tell me what functIonality I will lose using a Verizon account sim card in my former STA100-5 (because, ooking at the chart on models and carriers, I don't see Verizon listed on that chart for STA100-5

    The whole reason I switched ffrom TMO (whom I had been with for over 10 years with only Blackberry models from Curve, thru 9790,9780, and I had to purchase from Blackberry the new STA100-5, while I was with TMobile, because TMO did not offer the Z30, which I wanted. But then I lost my STA100-5 (which I have just found again last night, after losing it, so now I want too put my active Verizon sim in my formerly lost ( for a month, and the battery still had 22% charge, and it is even loading all my email, up to the current date, with a sim card from my cancelled account at TMO inserted (and maybe because I have it logged in on my home wifi network with my wifi password.
    (a few weeks ago, I dropped my brand new Z30 on cement pavers, shattering the screen (has a screen saver and is still functional, so I have been using it as i, because I have been too busy that I havent had time until have time to put in a phone replacement claim with Asurian. (Asurian policy thru Verizon is costing $8 per month, and requires a $99 deductible to replace broken Z30 (probably with a refurb- -and that is IF they even have any Z30"s given the rumor Verizon isn't shipping out any Z30's (now that they are supposedly breaking ties with Blackberry), which I would not .
    replacing an only one month old Z30 (NEW) with a refurb.. I don't like that idea'
    . ('''and that is IF they have any Z30's to replace it with, now that the "no more Z30's available" rumor exists

    Additionally, I have a brand new STA100-5 (bought thru Blackberry because TMO didn't have that model & at the time I had been with TMO for over 10 years
    Then I LOST my STA100-5, and not wanting to spend another $400 for another one and because I am a staunch Blackberry fan,not willing to switch to a different phone or model (TMO sent me a "new" refurb Z10 as replacement, which I didn't want to downgrade to,so I will be selling on Marketplace once I have some time)

    any advice, suggestions or comments on any of above welcome,OK, so reading a different thread about someone's cracked screen and replies, thread,I am now thinking that a screen replacement might be my better solution than putting in a claim on my Verizon plan's Asurian phone claim program ?

    BTW, if anyone doesn't mind investing the extra moments to read through the following various issues/concerns I have about getting my new brand new Z30 back to optimal condition, please respond on any or all of the following issues, and I apologize in advance for the length of this oist,m and how convoluted it all is and confusing, but having the current problem that presents too many different issues/topics that I am packing into this one post I--( Since all of these details are so connected in my current dilemma about what to do about replacing my Z30's functionality I am having trouble not giving all the details I am dealing with)

    I'm thinking that and paying the $99 deductible too get a refurb-to replace my NEW Z30-doesn't make sense if a screen replacement
    would not be more costly than the cost to obtain a refurb through Asurian (and that is IF there are any Z30's to be had given the recent "no more Z30's " news/rumor)

    Am I thinking clearly on this, that I would be better off paying to simply get the screen replaced on my NEW (Not Refurb) Z30, rather than paying essentially the same total to get a replacement REFURB is the better option> especially since there may not even be Z30'.s to be had, and they might replace with a different manufacturer's phone or lesser Blackberry model, like a Z10 which I do not want. Am I missing anything?

    Would getting a screen replacement as described here would be my better option than going through my $8 per month (Asurian) replacement plan (which I just started paying in August, so not much has been invested so far, and maybe keeping this plan is not even cost-efffective??)

    Along that line, is there anyone in the San Diego East-Chula Vista area who can suggest where I should get either this entire repair or just order a new screen and replace it myself ( I worry about that, because my screen is not just cracked, it is SHATTERED in several areas into slivers, being held intact by the screen cover, so I wonder if that shattered condition would be more difficult to remove/replace the splintered screen...so I'm thinking paying to have this done for me would make sense, UNLESS it costs more than $100, (which is because I can have my phone insurance Asurian replace it for a $99 deductible - but I may get a refurb,or maybe a new one if there are no refurbs to send out anymore, OR worst case scenerio would be that the insurance either sends me a Z10 (which feels unacceptable to me) or another manufacturer's phone (which I do not want, but I guess I could sell and use the $ toward buying a Verizon compatible STA100-3 from fleabay or somewhere els Any suggestions? / advice on any or all of this will be much appreciated

    Also need feedback on another Quesiton also posted also on a thread where someone posted about a cracked screen:
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    You can use the simple. I don't think there is any difference if it is unlocked from BlackBerry. If I understand the phone came from. A cracked screen can be replaced at different places that unlock phones like in the malls. I'm in Canada but I think you can find one. All BlackBerry phones from shop BlackBerry are unlocked. You can use the simple. Try see if anything is different but I would not expect so. Hope it helps.
    09-21-14 07:29 PM

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