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    First off, I'm a BB enthusiast since 2005 when my company provided me with my first BlackBerry unit. Therefore, this is a dispassionate proposal that needs your input, because if it is viable, it should reach up to the top brass at BB.

    Android is the future for BB if they want to keep providing an end to end solution (from device to software to IoT). Let's say that at some point they decide "We are not selling nor servicing any other BB10 devices from 'X' date forward". This means inevitable change. Therefore us, BB10 lovers, should realize this and BB should entice us with an 'upgrade' offer.

    Buy a new AndroBerry device directly from BB, trade in your BB10 device and get a VISA or MasterCard prepaid card with:
    $200 for each Passport
    $150 for each Classic
    $100 for each Leap, Z30
    $75 for each Z10
    $50 for each BB10 legacy or other devices

    Keep in mind, this is based on a scenario where there will be no more BB10 and it is announced with plenty of time. What do you think?
    09-27-16 01:07 PM
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    This sounds like a discussion in the making, rather than a simple question. OP, please consider joinging as a member and participate. How to become a member at CrackBerry
    09-27-16 01:44 PM

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