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    I tried to download Waze via the Amazon AppStore this morning. The download didn't finish, and my Classic got hung up. First, I couldn't close the AppStore. Then, I couldn't get the phone to do anything, no matter what key I touched. The screen then went dark, and I've been unable to revive it.

    I tried plugging it in to charge in an outlet and plugging it in to my computer. The computer does not recognize that I've plugged it in, so it's not sending any signals.

    In the old days, I'd do a battery pull. What should I do now to try to revive my Classic?
    07-15-15 08:28 AM
  2. jimk345's Avatar
    Did you try to hold down up and down volume keys for a hard reset?

     Classic
    07-15-15 09:25 AM

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