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    06-07-15 03:09 PM
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    A "debrick" file contains a wipe command and a full OS. It's used to un brick - in our case it would be a software brick - your phone, in case of an operating system malfunction.

    The term "brick" is tech slang for a non responsive electronic device. Since design-wise, most devices are rectangular like a brick, and an inactive device becomes almost useless...it is now a brick.
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    06-07-15 03:17 PM
  3. Ed_Hardwell's Avatar
    So I can use it even if my z10 have a few bugs, because I'm having problems with leaked os

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    06-07-15 03:20 PM
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    Why don't you tell us the problems you have and what OS it is.

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    06-07-15 03:25 PM
  5. Ed_Hardwell's Avatar
    Well I installed a leaked os on Friday, and it is giving me problems with the battery and some apps since then, obviously I think is the Leaked OS, and I'm trying to go back to a original OS

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    06-07-15 03:28 PM
  6. Pdinos3's Avatar
    What leaked OS. You do realize there are no differences between leaked OS from BlackBerry servers and original OS?

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    06-07-15 03:33 PM
  7. Ed_Hardwell's Avatar
    So where I can download a good autoloader

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    06-07-15 03:35 PM
  8. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Every OS that you will ever need is right here. And remember your best bet is to not restore data until you set up your device and make sure it runs well. Then restore only if you really have to. Also IF YOU LOAD 10.3.2. YOU CANNOT REVERT BACK TO 10.3.1. You can go from 798 to 680 only for now. So if you want to try the latest 10.3.1 first and then jump to go ahead but just remember you can't go back.


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    06-07-15 03:40 PM
  9. Ed_Hardwell's Avatar
    Damn I have. 798

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    06-07-15 03:44 PM
  10. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Damn I have. 798

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    How did you load 798? Maybe you missed some updated files? You can also go back to 680. It may be better for you. Use the autoloader.

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    06-07-15 03:55 PM
  11. Mecca EL's Avatar
    Damn I have. 798

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    If you updated via OTA, I would use an autoloader of 798, and start over.
    Do not restore after using the autoloader, to confirm that you're not suffering from corrupt backup data. If everything is working fine, restore. If you suffer the same errors, you've found your original problem.
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    06-07-15 04:56 PM

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