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    I'm unimpressed by what most manufacturers are putting out these days. Would pay good money for a Motion with these specs:

    - Snapdragon 660
    - 4000 mAh battery
    - flat, rectangular, notch-less 16:9 1080P AMOLED display
    - decent screen: body ratio (80+)
    - insane battery life (1.5-2 days heavy usage, 10+ hours SoT per charge)
    - good point and shoot camera for all lighting conditions
    - IP67 rating
    - headphone jack
    - convenience key
    - good US carrier support

    As I said, I don't care for that's it. Glass back, curved screens... Yuck. Stop with the gimmicks! The Motion is so close to this, I just wish they updated it to the aforementioned specs and put it out for ~$600. This would be a major go for me personally.

    What are the chances we'll get this or something close to it. I monitor the rumors section but haven't seen anything like this.
    07-21-18 12:09 AM

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