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    I've got a Torch 9850 running OS7, from sprint. It had an old IT policy on it so I fired up BBSAK to take it off. By mistake I clicked on Wipe Device. But no problem, there's a 507 error so I opened Desktop Manager, and it said cannot connect to device, so I selected update. It tells me there is an update so I say yes, but then I says to update your phone you must first update desktop manager so I selected yes. This started to download then failed. After trying about five times to do this, I decided to manually update the desktop software, only to find I have the most recent version. I installed anyway - but still same message. So I downloaded the latest OS off blackberry and installed it, but no go. So I downloaded the 7.0 version which is the first OS released for the torch, and installed it. Joy! I now get an option to update via downloading the update or using the locally installed OS, so I select that one. All goes ok until the final reboot, when the desktop manager say it cannot connect to device, try again or put in password. So I look at device, and it says App Error 200 Reset. A reset does nothing. So I tried downloading the 7.0 OS from Sprint, only to get the same result. I've been trying methods all day to try and fix it. What do you people suggest?
    Oh btw - I've tried booting it up in safe mode but 1: boot ups take like 10 minutes (sore finger!!) and 2: it still doesnt boot
    Thanks everyone
    10-25-14 04:35 PM
  2. Calv T's Avatar
    Yup, have tried all this (before and after your post - read mine more closely.....)
    Any other suggestions? Wondering about doing a dump of all the cods on the phone, the wipe it so I get a 507, then add them in batches? Would this work?
    10-28-14 07:48 PM

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