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    Hello forums, i currently use a z10, and i am absolutely in love with it. I do have one discrepency. People gaze at my phone and admire it once they see it. Everyone loves the way it looks, the hold and feel on it is perfect.
    They ask me, "How is the phone". I always answer with, "Its the best phone i have ever owned." Here is the part where i get frustrated. They all ask me if it has any "emojis" or "emoticons". i am 19 years old, and i belive that Blackberry is really missing their young fan base with this emoticon problem. If you go on ANY social network sites you will see emoticons everywhere: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. These four giants ALL support these Emoticons. I understand that there are preset emojis on the blackberry, but these are not the "global" emoticons, if you will. Ironcically, you can see them on social networks but you cannot use them. Its time to get with the program, the world needs to see Blackberry flourish again.

    I absolutely believe that this is a big part on Blackberry's struggle. i strongly encourge everyone to support the movement!
    07-15-14 11:26 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    I've seen the question asked a number of times, and I've heard from a couple of sources that this should be coming, as the call for this feature is getting louder. I know it was a feature recently implemented on my SwiftKey keyboard, and is indeed handy for socializing and having some fun with friends.

    Some would view it as a trifle, but whole movements have been based on such things, and only the foolish ignore what a customer wants, if it is reasonable.
    07-16-14 07:10 AM

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