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    I've bought a bold 9900 and have 3 questions actually
    1. I want to use whatsapp (with the same number that I have on my iphone) with the trick through web whatsapp. The issue is that I need to have desktop view om my 9900 browser in order to scan the QR code. Does anyone know a 3rd party app that supports desktop view on the 9900?
    2. I downloaded Spotify ( and it works fine online, but I wont sync my playlist to play it offline, it stays stuck at 1 out of 53. Anyone that can help me resolve this issue?
    03-04-17 03:31 PM
  2. dkonigsberg_wa's Avatar
    WhatsApp Web is designed with a modern desktop web browser in mind, and depends on browser features that may not be present in older or less capable browsers. Even if you manage to trick your way around the browser checks, there's a good chance it simply won't work.
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    03-07-17 10:45 AM

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