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    Hi everyone,

    I have the camera auto-focus issue on my Passport and I'm running the 10.3.2 version of the software. Nothing helps, reboot/hard reset are useless. I bought it in October directly from the US Blackberry website. How can I get a replacement for my product since it's still under warranty? Whom should I contact?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Posted via CB10
    06-29-15 07:38 AM
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    As long as you meet this:
    By submitting this request for support, you understand and agree that BlackBerry is providing this support: 1. for a limited time at no charge to you, 2. BlackBerry may suspend or discontinue the support at any time in its sole and absolute discretion, 3. only in English, and only to those customers who purchased BlackBerry smartphones directly from shopblackberry.com in the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Canada. Additionally, the support is being provided subject to the disclaimers of warranty and limitations of liability and other applicable terms contained in the BlackBerry Solution License Agreement. This site may, for convenience, provide links to another companys web site, and if you choose to access such web site, you do so entirely at your own risk because BlackBerry does not control or endorse any content on that other companys site and does not provide any representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the quality, accuracy, reliability, completeness, currency, timeliness, non-infringement, or fitness for any purpose of any such web site or the content on it.
    Make sure you aren't running anything but an official version of the OS.
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    06-29-15 08:29 AM
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    I bought it from shopblackberry US so I guess I'm covered.

    Thank you, much appreciated Dunt Dunt Dunt

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    06-29-15 03:13 PM
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    I think you do not need to claim for Warranty on Passport as a result of the miss focus. According to this thread it is not a defect in the hardware. It is just knowledge deficiency on blackberry part and the solution is very simple read the findings by lawguyman in this thread
    06-29-15 04:22 PM
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    Thanks Sallem but I already tried that (I should have mentioned it). Holding the camera button before snapping a picture doesn't work in my case. It's supposed to display a green square but it doesn't . My pics turn out blurry like 2 out of 3 times. Pressing a part of the screen to focus on a particular area doesn't work either. I tried every non-hardware fix I know about.

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    06-30-15 07:58 AM
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    I too have the same PASSPORT focusing issue. Thanks to those who have made suggestions on how to "fix focusing issues", but those people do NOT have a focusing issue. They've just learned how to use the camera. They are not dealing with a hardware focusing issue.

    I decided to contact BLACKBERRY SUPPORT using this form:
    (I purchased my Passport from Shop.Blackberry.com CANADA)

    Here is the (lengthy) summary of my ORdealings with Blackberry Tech Support:

    August 27 - Fill out Customer Support form at Blackberry.com about defective camera module (Focusing issue)
    August 27 - Automated response received.
    August 28 - Tech asks troubleshooting questions, asks for BBVE Result.
    August 28 - Run BBVE, click "Submit". Answer troubleshooting questions, provide brief history of focusing issue. Explain that camera does not focus regardless of camera mode, aspect ratio, flash, etc ...
    August 28 - Tech asks for Diagnostic LOGS from my Passport. Provides instructions on how to run and submit.
    August 28 - Diagnostic LOGS submitted to Blackberry (sent directly from device, just add Incident number)
    August 28 - Tech acknowledges LOGS received.
    August 28 - Tech requests TimeStamps of photos using different camera modes and settings.
    August 28 - I email to ask how to make TimeStamp.
    August 28 - Decided to just take some pictures using different camera settings and send them the TIME of each image capture, then created new Diagnostic LOG.
    August 29 - Tech asks for screenshots of the BBVE Results. Asks whether any Android apps present, asks more troubleshooting questions.
    August 30 - Send screen capture of BBVE results. Provide list of Android apps. Answer troubleshooting questions.
    September 1 - Email from Blackberry saying they are placing my support case into "PENDING" status because I have not responded to any of their requests for information.
    September 1 - I email back asking where all my replies (to her email) have been going? I cite the "sutherlandglobal.com" email address I've been replying to, and ask if somehow our correspondence has been hacked.
    September 1 - Tech replies that I should ignore any email from the "other email address" because that is her PERSONAL email account. Oopsies... So much for Blackberry SECURITY.
    September 1 - I ask if I need to RESEND everything.
    September 1 - Tech asks for the BBVE test results again.
    September 1 - Resend the BBVE Test results. But also cut'n'paste the email with timestamps of images captured with different camera settings. Also cut'n'paste the email with answers to questions about Android apps and other troubleshooting questions.
    September 2 - Tech emails to ask if any Android apps are present and asks other troubleshooting questions.
    September 2 - Short email back just to tell Tech to read the email she is replying to ... where I cut'n'paste previous emails answering the same questions.
    September 2 - Tech says she has sent my responses to a Data Analyst.
    September 2 - Tech replies, "We already received the response of our (Data) Analyst, and according to them we need to provide you warranty options for the device." (That's all she said... she did not provide any options, she just said that they need to provide them.)
    September 3 - I email asking who I need to contact for the Warranty Options.
    September 4 - Tech responds providing a toll-free number to call.
    September 4 - Phone the number provided. After a short hold, am told that the Warranty Dept is not available for an hour or two ... and to please call back and speak to the Rep handling my case.
    September 4 - Call back after an hour ... placed on hold ... am told that the Repair Tech is not available for half an hour to an hour. He says he can call me back and then try to reach the Repair Tech again, or I can call back in an hour.
    September 4 - Third attempt calling Blackberry ... placed on hold while Rep tries to contact RMA Dept. (Each rep seems to call them something different.) After over a half an hour on hold, the rep returns but cannot hear me. I can hear him, but he cannot hear me... We are disconnected.
    September 4 - Fourth call to Blackberry ... same process... placed on hold while rep tries to reach an RMA Rep. After another lengthy hold, finally reach the RMA Dept. Address and credit card information is provided and a replacement Passport will be FedEx to me in 3 business days. The defective phone must be returned (prepaid waybill provided) within 10 days for inspection (to make sure still covered by warranty) or the credit card will be charged. RMA Rep says the phone is called a "replacement". It is not a repaired unit and has never been used. I asked her if it is "new"? She says they are not called "new", but are devices made available to the RMA Dept for replacements. So I'm hoping it is a new device but just without any fancy packaging.

    Will report back once the replacement device is received.

    EDIT: I must say though, through any and all communications, the Techs were always professional and courteous. There just seems to a bit of miscommunication and disarray in the Support department.
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