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    What is a ROM file/image and how do Android apps running on BlackBerry 10 that require a ROM file work?

    I want to use the Wabbitemu app on my Z10 for a math class, and I already have downloaded the app. When I open the app, it asks if I already have a ROM image or whether I want to get one. What's does this all mean?
    05-22-15 02:50 PM
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    Wabbitemu is an Emulator, the ROM Images it needs are for whatever it's made to emulate.

    Open the menu and click on settings. Under the 'Skin' category unselect 'Vibrate on keypress'

    3. How do I load apps like PlySmlt2 or Inequalz?
    To load any file to your calculator you need to first download it to your SD card or internal storage on your device. You can find the official TI applications for the 84 Plus (non color) available here: Software, OS Updates and Apps by Texas Instruments - US and Canada. Once you have downloaded the app to your device open Wabbitemu. Swipe from the left edeg of the screen to bring up the menu, and select 'Load file'. Find the file you just downloaded in the list and select it. The file will be sent to your calculator. Apps for the 83+ and 84+ calcs will end in *.8xk. Apps for the 84+CSE will end in *.8ck or *.8xk.
    05-22-15 04:35 PM
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    07-23-15 04:53 PM

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