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    Be a use of my work, I need my phone always on vibrate only....i want to disable the part where it goes to normal notifications when the volume up key is pressed. I have a holster and always hit that key and it changes without me knowing....then my phone rings....#?$&.
    Where the heck is the setting for this to disable it!!??
    Volume up, changes Notifications!! Argh Z10-model-number.png

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    11-14-14 10:31 AM
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    Settings / Main Volume / Turn on Always Adjust Media Volume.
    11-14-14 10:37 AM
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    There is no setting for this. But in version 10.3.1 it will automatically lock the profile you set.
    Basically either load the leaked version or wait for the official release of 10.3.1

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    11-14-14 11:58 AM
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    Thanks all...fixed

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    11-14-14 03:59 PM