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    I've had the key one since July. Two weeks ago I also bought a priv. After the Blackberry keyboard upgrade to the black layout with the taskbar, My key one would no longer write out the words simultaneously to me saying them during voice dictation. It just waits for me to say the whole thing and then it writes it out in one go. It also no longer gives me alternatives to the words and sentences that I usually get by clicking on them. I have to go in and change things manually. It also more often writes nonsensical stuff and insists on writing a dot when i say the word "that" . Today I disabled the extension and I get sentence and word Alternatives like before to choose from. Before I thought the issue came from the BlackBerry apps I installed like the notes, but I guess it just coincided with the update.
    I've had a different dictation problem before -the functionality of caps and symbol keys were disabled in dictation mode for some apps, I have to leave the dictation mode as I type this note in Chrome for example.

    I've seen similar behavior on my new refurbished Priv - at first the symbol and caps would not work and you would have to close the dictation in order to put in a comma or a dot but then yesterday it upgraded the Blackberry keyboard to the black look for dictation and it would not allow me to edit the sentences and words dictated as easily
    10-23-17 11:35 PM
  2. Shannon Crowley's Avatar
    I just upgraded from a passport to a keyone. I found the microphone to do voice dictation but it doesn't recognize when I say "period" or comma, and the dictation isn't nearly as accurate as it was on the passport. I was reluctant to switch from passport to keyone because I loved BB10, but I figured I would be gaining different functionality that I have on my android tablet. I'm guessing it's probably just a setting I need to adjust, but I'm lost as to how to fix it. Please help!!
    11-09-17 08:24 AM

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