1. Judyam's Avatar
    I'm coming from a z30 and just got my new Priv Asurian replacement device. So pay Vzn monthly for visual voicemail, which I accessed in the Hub on my Z30, but I cannot find it on the Prov. Normally any info about VV in help or Manual. Is anyone on VZN with a Priv able to access visual voicemail? And if so, how do I access it on my Priv? Or should I ask. Thus in the Vzn or Priv forum? Thanks for any info
    10-29-16 09:46 PM
  2. rbtg's Avatar
    i think it was another thread about vzw priv vvm,i don't think you can have that or wifi calling or any more updates
    if you get an unlocked phone that works on vzw network you will not get wifi calling and vvm but you will get updates quicker
    for that reason and front facing camera vzw priv it's never been an option for me
    10-31-16 09:10 AM

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