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    A friend received a text from me with an attachment, which she didn't open because it was too big. Problem is, I didn't send her the text!! We Googled it and found an android virus that seemed to match the text event.

    How do I scan my phone to see if I have somehow managed to pick up a virus? And, how do I get rid of it, if I did??


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    02-24-16 09:26 AM
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    Hi, and welcome to the CrackBerry forums !

    First, I'd tend to doubt about a "virus" but if you're worried, try this check-list :

    1/ Do you have installed Android apps ( <= the "standard way" = BlackBerry World, Amazon store) ?
    2/ Do you have sideloaded Android apps ? ( <= the "tricky way" = Alternate app shop, direct download, Cobalt's solution ...) ?
    If you've answered no to the above, you can tick out "virus" 99%
    If you've installed an android app, it doesn't mean you gained a "virus" either but there's a probability you've granted access to your contact list so that the app owner can use it to send various messages, adds or ... bad things.

    3/ If you're "pure BB10" : relax.

    Moreover (and that's the most plausible explanation) your mobile number can have been used to fake your identity and make your friend more comfortable with the text message (that's identity spoofing). But that doesn't mean your mobile device has been used to send it (otherwise, chances are you'll find it in the sent items).

    Could you please copy/paste the text your friend received ?

    Hope it helps
    02-24-16 09:46 AM

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