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    A particular political site I visit often has a lot of pop up ads. No problem, ignore them. But after scrolling through part of some articles I get a notice that "ampproject.net" wants to use 500 mb + of space, agree/disagree? It reappears in quick succession but leaves no trace when I just exit that web page. Antivirus app finds nothing. I'm just curious if anyone's encountered this particular gremlin.
    Oh yeah Z30 on VZW. Tx

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    11-09-16 05:48 PM
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    I dunno why you think its a virus or malware. Did you even look up the site? It's for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. Report it to the site owners and tell them their AMP pages are messing up. It's basically asking you to cache some of the website on your device to make it faster, however, that really shouldn't be the case. It's a bit of misconfiguration. We use AMP pages too but a proper configuration shouldn't be caching on your device.
    11-09-16 06:10 PM
  3. pastorbrad's Avatar
    Ah...that makes more sense then. It would stand to reason, the site is crammed full of articles (www.redstate.com)

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    11-09-16 06:33 PM
  4. pastorbrad's Avatar
    So this time I "accepted" when the notice came up, seemed to make no diff in speed pages loaded. Fwiw

    I just asked b/c it looked so much like one of those bogus "official" notices

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    11-10-16 08:37 AM

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