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    How can I view a google calendar that someone shared with me on Blackberry 9810?
    08-30-14 04:32 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Do you NEED that? There is no see shared callendars on the BBOS app.

    If you do NEED that, then you can work around it, but it's not quick:

    1. Create a dummy gmail account, like darnitneedsharedcal@gmail.com;
    2. I actually don't remember the rest, I'll come back with the other steps once i track that some very old post I made...

    EDIT: Haha! Turns out I was listing the steps for another Google Calendar related problem on BBOS. Ignore those two things.

    I stopped using Gsync after the last BIS update.

    It won't allow you to sync multiple calendars on its own so I came with an workaround: add those emails to the device and (if necessary) set filters not to push emails.

    Gsync will give you the options to sync as many calendars as you want, but they all go into the same device calendar, thus, they have the sam color, which makes it quite messe something that's supposed to help you organize.
    Welcome to the forums.

    I've been faced with that same situation and I figure out a workaround: Add her gmail address to your device and set a filter telling BIS not to delive the emails to your BlackBerry.

    That way, her calendar will show on your device, with a different name and with a specific color.
    Not the best workaround ever and not everybody is willing to give you their email password. So, well, there you have it. :/
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    08-31-14 07:55 PM

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