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    I'm traveling to Amsterdam from Chicago in a month. And after fretting over whether my GS5 VERIZON 4GLTE phone was locked or unlocked for SIM card switchout. *Some friends I know, we're recommending the SIM switch-out. So when I learned from Verizon's own website, my phone is UNLOCKED and can be used by other carriers... I was like "Let's go!". So, I was preparing to do the SIM card switch-out UNTIL I heard my friendly neighborhood Verizon guy in person - who seemed really trustworthy - tell me about the GSM vs. CDMA thing yesterday. Meaning if I put a Dutch or European SIM card in my Verizon phone - it WON'T work, due to the fact that Verizon uses CDMA networking, more "complex, more secure" and NOT GSM networking like a lot of the other carriers use (T-Mobile, AT&T). In fact, he seemed to imply GSM is the prevailing thing over there in Europe. So I would be in trouble. Is he lying? Misinformed? Trying to get me to not beat the system and buy ONLY Verizon products? Ugh. Now, I'm confused. I saw some articles on the web, from late 2014 talking about how Verizon is PREPARING to ditch CDMA, for more global friendly networking capabilities. But I don't see any confirmation or super-recent updates on this topic (In my 12 minutes of looking). So for my 2-month trip to Amsterdam, right now, my plan is to buy Verizon's lowest priced "global plan" as a safety net, pretty much NEVER have mobile data on, always use WiFi and use that Airplane mode like it's my best friend in the world. I have VoIP apps galore on my current phone. And then, yes - I will buy a cheaper GSM phone, maybe order online here to take? A kind of "burner" phone and get pre-paid SIM over there, for tons of local texting / talking. Mostly I need to know the truth about this Verizon SIM card GSM / CDMA thing. HELP! Thanks! Greg in Chicago (Going to Amsterdam)
    03-24-15 09:44 AM
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    They can answer your question about the Verizon GS5.
    03-24-15 01:51 PM

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