1. stevec66's Avatar
    Just returned from Cancun area from a weeks holiday, second time I purchased package from Roam, which I have had great success using in the states, but with no luck in Mexico. Has anyone else has had success or failure with Roam in Mexico??? My phone is Z10.

    Posted via CB10
    02-27-16 11:27 AM
  2. Rico4you's Avatar
    Roaming is set by your mobile phone provider. Nothing to do with device. Have used in Cancun and rest of Mex. no issues. What you can do this is use wifi in hotels as much as possible and turn off Data in your phone. Good luck
    02-27-16 11:40 AM
  3. stevec66's Avatar
    Actually talking about Roam mobility sorry did not clarify that. Independent service provider based in BC, Canada. Who provides cheap text, talk & data packages to USA & Mexico.

    Posted via CB10
    02-27-16 03:35 PM

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