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    I have Blackberry Dev Alpha B device with me. I installed the OS at first time before a month. OS Version is: after that I didn't even used the device for any purposes then I thought to Update it to latest OS version:
    I did asusal by Running the .exe file and connecting the device with PC. but it started fine but after few seconds it Started Beeping RED light continously. so, I disconnected and removed the battery and again I put the Battery but still the RED Light only beeps

    Nothing Happening.. Its Very NEW Dev Alpha B :'(

    Please Help me with workaround

    Thank you..
    08-25-14 11:25 AM
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    Please do not post duplicate threads on same topic.

    We'll keep your other thread open since you used your new CB member account there:

    Thread closed.
    08-25-14 12:10 PM

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