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    I just got a Verizon Q10 yesterday and inserted my ATT sim card. Everything was working great. I was able to get 4G service, make and receive phone calls, sms and mms as well as email. Early this afternoon I stopped receiving text messages. I can send them and they are received, however, I can't get a response. Is this a device issue or network? I am unable to change my network. I read in a previous thread that ATT locks this function. I am using ATT 4G voice/data. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    10-05-14 03:49 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    Network should not be an issue because 1) texting isn't exactly a network-straining task, and 2) you are able to do everything else just fine

    Some things to try/check:

    Have you rebooted?

    Was your number tied to an iPhone up until recently? iMessage has a habit of...not cooperating.

    Try this tutorial: BlackBerry Z10 - How to set up your mobile phone for SMS . At the step where it has you enter the message center number, make sure you have +13123149810 as the number saved.

    And finally, if the number checks out, contact AT&T. See if the device is showing up under your account. They might ask you to provide the IMEI#, which you can get from the sticker under your battery, or from Settings>About>Hardware. They should also be able to provide further technical assistance.
    10-05-14 10:24 PM

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