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    I have a blackbery bold which. Currently is unlocked (it says network is inactive in the SIM card settings) I have used this phone in foreign countries before with different sims and it has worked fine! But when I try to use a claro sim in Peru it just says "searching for network" is this because it has not been unlocked properly?

    When I have been trying to use a claro sim it was in the shop so I didn't have much time. Do you think maybe if I give it a little more time it will be able to find the network?
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    08-13-14 02:36 PM
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    I was in Lima last year with my Z10 (not Bold).
    I needed to have the SIM unlocked from the Company. It didn't have anything to do with the phone.
    I actually had the person at the front desk of the hotel help me with. They needed to put in a local "ID" number, somrthing that each person in Peru has.

    Sorry I can't help more.

    08-13-14 03:05 PM

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