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    I have a straight talk nokia e71. I just bought an unlocked verizon blackberry 9930. To spite that the straight talk website says I'm compatible upon typing in the meid number, a straight talk rep says I can't use a verizon bb. The site also says that I don't need a sim, just the registration # and the activation key. I can't use the sim from my e71. I tried that before reading into this at all. After reps telling me that I can't use it, I don't want to scratch the card for the code so I can return it if I can't make it work. I hope that this makes sense to someone. I need to know what an unlocked phone is exactly if it's still conn to verizon somehow, and if I can make it work with straight talk. If so, obviously, how to go about it. Any help is much apr. Thx
    12-07-14 11:18 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    If the 9930 is unlocked, you can use it on Straight Talk's AT&T or TMO service, but you will not get data and you will be on 2G. Straight Talk does not offer BIS data plans--which older BBs require.

    Are you sure the 9930 is unlocked? It wouldn't come unlocked by default, unless it's a used phone and the previous owner unlocked it before selling it to you.
    12-08-14 05:57 PM
  3. wheelsofdespair's Avatar
    I bought it in inbox condition advertised as unlocked. Not one person in whatever country they are in can make it work.
    12-10-14 03:23 PM

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