1. CrackBerry Question's Avatar
    This has happened to me twice now in two separate BBM chats.
    I get a message that someone has joined one of my chats.
    Neither time had I or my friend on the chat asked a person to join and we do not know who the PIN is?
    I did not record the PIN the first time it happened, we just ended the chat to get rid of the person and started a new chat.
    The second time happened this weekend and the unknown PIN is 75e29ff1.
    How can someone insert themselves into a conversation like that?

    They do not show up in my BBM contacts list either.
    Do I need to change something on my profile to tighten security.

    I like to use BBM with my kids but don't like the fact that an uninvited stranger can suddenly start joining their conversations.

    I have the Dtek60 and it is updated to the latest BBM release.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Appreciate the help.
    05-29-17 10:42 AM
  2. Mommatried's Avatar
    I've had a couple of people message me. One was spam & I received another yesterday with the ID VZ Roadside Assistance (d673239c). Weirdly, when I opened yesterday's up it showed that it was last seen Nov 21,2016. I've only had my phone since the end of March. The phone was supposed to be brand new. It kind of makes me wonder if somebody returned it?

    I've never had anyone join into a conversation with the one friend I have on BBM though. That's disturbing!
    06-01-17 08:29 PM
  3. anon(3641385)'s Avatar
    I also got a drop in, only I wasn't in a chat, just a message that an invite wasn't necessary for a person to drop in, or words to that effect.

    And I couldn't cancel out, so the bbm post appeared on the screen, in Indonesian.

    Here's the detail: (I've since blocked it)
    Attached Thumbnails Unknown and uninvited PIN joins BBM Chat-33027.jpg  
    06-02-17 09:36 AM

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