1. SumitC's Avatar
    Hello There,

    I have already gone through several posts, but it looks like except me all of them are able to pair Mi Band with z10.

    I am using z10 with bb10.3.1 os. Installed Mi fit app.
    After turning on bluetooth I could see mi device and can pair the devices. But after launching mi fit app it fails to find the device. Blue tooth turns off. I couldn't turned it on. I need to restart my z10. After restart when I turn on bluetooth I can see mi band in list but pairing fails.

    Has anyone facing similar issue?
    Is there any way to make it work?
    Any other app that can detect Mi band?

    Posted via CB10
    08-01-15 12:13 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Is there any way to make it work?
    You should get off 10.3.1 and move into 10.3.2, it improves the Android app support which is likely the cause of your issue.
    08-01-15 02:15 AM
  3. SumitC's Avatar
    Thanks man, unfortunately that update is not yet available in my region. Hopefully, it will be available soon.

    Posted via CB10
    08-02-15 02:44 AM
  4. Holliefant's Avatar
    I had it working with 10.3.1 so it has to work.
    But I did not pair it with my phone before using the Mi Fit app. maybe you should unpair it and then try again?
    Do you use the version from the Playstore? there are versions that have google fit integration, I am not sure if
    they really work with blackberry. Here is a version (Translated to german but also english) that works like a charm to me:
    chillz dot net / ?page_id=37
    Hope that link is understandable... not allowed to post links
    08-02-15 02:56 AM

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