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    Please can you help me with my Blackberry Messenger

    This morning my phone prompted me to restart it as there was an update, so I restarted it.

    Once turned on I went into BBM, which took me to another screen saying you are able to use free BBM options (retract messages and timer on messages) then you had to click continue and log into your BBM with using your ID & Password.

    I tried logging in with what I thought my credentials were, and it said ‘sign in unsuccessful. An unknown error has occurred please try again’.

    So I clicked forgotten my password, answered the secret question correctly, and used the link received from the email to reset my password. And tried logging in again with the new password.

    The same message came up again. ‘sign in unsuccessful. An unknown error has occurred please try again’.

    I restarted my phone and tried the process again, this time, clicking on the email link on my computer, rather than on my phone.

    The same message came up again. ‘sign in unsuccessful. An unknown error has occurred please try again’.

    So I logged onto blackberry using my browser on my computer, and it logged into this website successfully, using the new password. So I knew my credentials were correct, but why wasn’t my phone letting me log into BBM with these credentials?

    I reset the password online and tried logging into BBM on my phone again, with no success.

    I tried resetting my password using the forgotten password on my phone again, but this time, it told me the answer to my secret question was incorrect (the same one I was always using) and gives 9 further attempts to answer correctly.

    I tried logging onto the website on my computer to change the answer to the favourite question it wouldn’t allow me to log into the blackberry website.

    I’ve tried searching Google for an answer to the issue, and it seems to point to the Blackberry protect Antitheft feature being turned on, when an update is done.

    I tried going to settings to turn this off, and a note came up saying ‘You can’t use Blackberry assistance when your device is locked. Your administrator has turned off this feature’

    Since then I’ve tried logging into BBM and it tells me ‘The blackberry protect anti-theft feature is on. Please sign in with the Blackberry ID that was used to set up this device.’

    This is the only blackberry ID I’ve ever had, and the only one I’ve ever used for this device.

    Please can you help me solve this problem.
    03-17-17 12:11 AM
  2. mainely_linux's Avatar
    Ive seen this happen before on my passport, where it couldnt connect properly to the BBID service. Try toggling WiFI off and using your mobile connection (or vice-versa).
    03-17-17 10:51 AM

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