1. George Fragkistas's Avatar
    Just took delivery of my new key two.
    I added my Gmail account with no problem but I find it impossible to add my other accounts. I get a message that it is not possible to authenticate the account. Don't know what to do. Had never such a problem before. All accounts had been added with no problem on my key one, PRIV and passport.
    Those are company POP accounts, and work perfectly on the key one.
    Any help will be much appreciated as out IT guy has no clue about why this is happening.
    06-29-18 06:55 AM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    I'm no expert, but had a curious experience adding my one pop account to my Motion Hub. Usually this is a bear of a process, my wife has one (with same provider) as well, and it's always a PIA. Added it to her Key1 (manually) but when I added to motion the phone simply added as an IMAP and the process was easy. Have you tried entering the pop account as an IMAP?
    06-29-18 08:51 AM
  3. George Fragkistas's Avatar
    thanks for responding. in the end everything worked fine, problem fixed by itself
    07-01-18 02:37 AM

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