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    I am a phone geek. I have used many different android devices so I know what to expect. With my q10 I have a few apps that appear to be running (left open on the home screen.) I have 3 gmail accounts with push and typical cell phone usage. I am using the att version on cricket which gets LTE. Some days my battery only lasts 3 hours. Is this to be expected? I ordered the phone on amazon and want to make sure I didn't receive a faulty device. This has happened most days. I charge it up again and the problem repeats. Yesterday, I went from 11% to dead within 20 minutes. Any help is appreciated. Besides this I love the device and would love to keep it, but I can't work with such a short battery life.
    12-20-14 07:29 AM
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    Q10 has a good average battery life, do u remember after which apps u downloaded u are having these problems, you need to think on it.
    I advise you to delete all recently downloaded apps, a hard reset then download one apps in one day and see the battery percentage until the problematic apps is found

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 09:02 AM

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