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    My Q10 just upgraded automatically software to 10.3.3 and now it just produces a two tone sound for no reason. There are no displayed notifications. I have all notifications turned off except for text messages, BBM, and whatsapp. Doesn't seem to do it when I hold the device but as soon as I put it down, it dings a minute later. I tried not charging it to see if it was that, but still did it. Help! Or am I going to the iPhone?
    01-26-17 05:06 AM
  2. Lostboy5151's Avatar
    I'm curious! Where did you get the idea that not charging your device would somehow do anything but not charge your device??
    The fact that you don't know "why" you're getting this "two tone" only means that YOU don't know the reason.
    Going to an iPhone isn't going to solve the tone issue either. Do you plan to just change devices every time you don't know the reason??
    Try rebooting your device. Did you download or update an app around the same time (before or after) the OS upgrade?
    It's a good possibility that an Android App may be causing this issue.
    Also, it could be coming from the notifications that you DIDN'T turn off. (Text, BBM, WhatsApp)

    But, don't start just clicking this or trying that, having no idea what you're doing. You may have better luck shaking your device wildly or throwing it against a wall.

    I do have a few "theories." Does the tone get louder or faster as you get closer to an iPhone? It could be a warning to stay away from it.
    Or it could be the "little people" inside you're device trying to phone home.
    01-26-17 12:33 PM

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