1. MVNIR's Avatar
    I have a Q10 which has been working just fine on the Sprint network, but has started showing some initial signs of technical problems. It's probably time to start looking for a new friend.

    My problem is two-fold...I am a heavy Whatsapp user keeping in touch with friends and family, and now Whatsapp has decided it will not be available on any BB10 phone after the end of 2016 (I'd really like to get a Passport, but that won't work with Whatsapp...)

    I was thinking of going for the Priv, but the Priv doesn't work on Sprint

    So I am here to ask - Am I really at the junction of deciding between staying with Sprint or getting the Priv on another carrier, or can anyone perhaps think of a solution that I have not considered?

    P.S. BB support recommended I use BBM instead of Whatsapp but I am kind of hesitant to ask dozens of friends, work colleagues and family to download BBM just for me.

    Thanks all!
    09-29-16 01:57 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    1) Can or do you want to change from SPRINT. Me I have no choice by use Verizon as they are the only carrier that offers the coverage I need in my home.

    2) I assume the keyboard is the feature you most want with the PRIV... sadly I can't think of a solution for you. Other than waiting to see in early 2017 they release the Mercury/Rome.

    So if you can move... move to AT&T and buy a unlocked PRIV.
    If you can not move... learn to use a VKB, won't take too long. And they you only have to device Android or iOS and then you'll have to pick which phone and then which color.......
    09-29-16 02:08 PM

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