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    Hello Cb forum! I use bbq10, My headphone port is not working.. I just discovered this lately. I inserted another earpiece into it about 2days ago which was different from the one I normally use. But it didn't work with it, not bothered with it cos I assume it wasn't compatible. But I now inserted the one that I normally use, it didn't recognise it again. I connect my home theatre auxiliary cord to it in which I normally use before as well, it didn't recognise it either. As a result of this, the music is now playing via the loudspeaker while earpiece or the auxiliary cord is being connected to my phone. Pls what can I do to rectify this? Urgent help is needed. Thanks.

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    12-28-14 11:08 PM
  2. BerryRipe's Avatar
    I received a Q10 from Verizon a few months ago to replace a double typing phone and the replacement had a defective jack. I was able to get a 2nd replacement that works perfect. You may want to try taking it apart to see if it's properly connected, there's good videos on youtube.

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    12-28-14 11:27 PM
  3. mrmirrorthedrummer's Avatar
    Can you paste here the link?

    Posted via CB10
    01-11-15 03:34 AM

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