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    trying to connect playbook hdmi to tv. I have proper cable but setting shows no connection on the playbookTV also shows no signal
    01-29-15 02:31 PM
  2. snow_stipple's Avatar
    I previously posted some suggestions on the PlaybookForum area so you could give the following a try:

    I had a hdmi to micro cable that worked and then quit on me. I was getting the No Signal and check your Source message. It seemed a bit loose on the micro to Playbook connection side but I found that very gingerly and very, very slowly pushing in the micro connector to the Playbook would sometimes get it work though it would often take a number of such tries. So, not always wanting to have to always do that, I went over to a 'Buck or Two' store and got another brand of 6 foot cable for aboot $8 Canadian.

    No problems on the connection end so far which as others have also suggested, it might most often be the cable at fault instead of the Playbook.

    One more note: On your HDMI Settings make sure Default to Mirror Mode is set On and that your tv settings are correct.
    01-29-15 05:23 PM

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