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    I had the FB Messenger app installed from the Amazon appstore, which they have since removed. I updated the app, which now keeps crashing and won't start anymore. I deleted what I could find for it and then tried to install an older version which is known to work with BB 10, but get the message as seen on the attached Screenshot. I try to find it but can't.

    Any thoughts?

    (OS on BlackBerry Passport SE

    Trouble deleting Facebook Messenger. apk from my Passport SE-img_20160112_084621.pngas

    Posted via CB 10 on my BlackBerry Passport SE
    01-12-16 07:59 AM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    There is a known issue with the OS build you are running with the Android runtime.
    See posts #33 and #34 here for the issue and fix:
    01-12-16 08:21 AM
  3. Doggerz's Avatar
    I can't believe with the lack of any BB10 news that CB has never done a story warning people away from that crap hole release and advising what OS to load.

    Reminds me of the time BlackBerry released an OS OTA that literally killed Z30 screens to where you had to buy a new screen. This problem isn't quite that bad but in both cases a little article in the news section would have been great. Your average BlackBerry user isn't going to forage through the forums looking for answers.

    I'd rather see articles like this than what new carrier is releasing a 6 month old phone.

    Z30STA100-5 / / T-Mobile USA
    01-12-16 10:12 AM

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